The Bucket List

Things To Do Before I Die

See the Northern Lights

Walk on a glacier

Become Scuba certified

Ride a camel through the desert

Swim with dolphins

Swim with whale sharks

Skydive and/or Bungee Jump

See a volcano erupt

Attend an Olympics or World Cup

Go to an elite rooftop pool party somewhere

Drink alcohol that costs more than $1,000

Run a marathon

Ride a horse in the ocean

Peru: See The Huachina Desert

Peru: Hike in the Cordillera Blancas

Peru: Yoga retreat at Samadhi Sacred Valley

Bolivia: See the Uyuni Salt Flats

Europe: Re-enact Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik, Croatia and Iceland

Norway: Camp and explore Norway’s fjords, especially Trolltunga

Netherlands: Visit Amsterdam, find husband

Italy: Visit Venice

Iceland: Snorkel the Silfra Crack

Africa: Visit with my family

Namibia: Visit Dead Vlei

Israel: Float in the Dead Sea

Jordan: Explore Wadi Rum

Yemen: Visit Socotra Island

Nepal: Trek to Everest Base Camp

Sri Lanka: Ride the train to Ella

India: Visit the India during Holi Festival

India: See the Taj Mahal

India: Do yoga in India

China: Walk on the Great Wall

Mongolia: Ride horses with the nomadic tribes and stay in a yurt

Japan: Visit during Cherry Blossom or Leaf Changing Season

Backpack Southeast Asia

Indonesia: Scuba in the Raja Ampat Islands

Cambodia: Ride a bike around Angkor Wat

Philippines: Visit the many Palawan islands

Papua New Guinea: Spend time with a tribe