Sunrise Squad: Jai Bhakti 2

Back at it again. When I learned the city was to be blanketed under a cloud of Saharan dust, that promised amazing sunrises and sunsets, I knew I wanted to photograph it. So I reached out to Christina Andrini, local yogi and founder of the Jai Bhakti Yoga Foundation for an early morning shoot. I think we missed out on the hazy sunrise but still love how the cloudy sunrise created such a MOOD.

If you are looking to get into yoga, I definitely recommend her organization. The sunset classes at the City Park Peristyle are absolutely amazing.

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Sunrise Squad: Jai Bhakti Yoga

It is not easy for me to wake up before 8 AM, but IF it is in pursuit of sunrise pictures then I can SOMEHOW manage.

Which is how I found myself freezing to death at 5:45 AM on the Mississippi riverfront to shoot local New Orleans yogi Christina Andrini, founder of the Jai Bhakti Yoga Foundation, who aims to make yoga more accessible for EVERYONE in New Orleans.

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An India Abroad: The Eat, Pray (To Eat More), Love (Everything I Eat) Sabbatical


I’m making up for a lot of lost time. Before 2015 I’d never left the United States. I didn’t even have a passport. 2 years later I have a one-way flight to Southeast Asia, a hungry passport, an even hungrier belly, a budget, a carry-on sized closet, an indefinite end date, a loose itinerary and a “go where the wind takes me” spirit.

The world is my oyster.
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A Summary of Bolivia II: El Campo del Sal Photodiary

My general mantra when traveling is to avoid ALL guided tours, by any means necessary. There are times when they’re easier and definitely more convenient (if more also more expensive), but I like the freedom to follow my own schedule.

Which is how I ended up on an overnight bus to Uyuni with loose plans on what to do when I got there:
1. Find someone to take us on a 2-day tour of the salt flats.
2. Go on said tour.

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A Summary of Bolivia I: The City at 12,000 Feet

I’m starting to realize I have this thing about travelling to places that aren’t huge/easy tourist destinations. Do I know anyone who’s been there? Nope? SIGN ME UP. Which is why I was VERY excited that my first trip in South America would start in Bolivia¹.

¹ A place none of my friends had been to.

That’s exactly what my dad said!

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Fabiana + Patrick (a.k.a. Fatrick)

I love photographing people at parties. Just throwing up my camera and capturing faces in these expressions of pure ecstasy. My camera has become like a third hand for me, people are confused when I show up places without it.

Which is I was really torn when my close friend announced her wedding: SHOULD I BRING MY CAMERA OR NOT?! Initially I decided to take a leap of faith and let the wedding photographers handle it. I’ll just have to dance without my camera: leaving the camera at home

Then my friend announced she was having her reception at an ancient Spanish Monastery. And well fuck if I’m going to a picturesque location with JUST my cell phone camera: absolutely bringing my camera.

It turns out open bar parties with your friends makes for ridiculous photos. I’m definitely glad I decided to pack the camera. We had too much fun celebrating Fatrick!

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