A Summary of Bolivia II: El Campo del Sal Photodiary

We were up bright and early, and were unsatisfied with the amount of time we’d spent on the flats so far. So we ditched the tour group and spent the morning being ridiculous on the flats.

Hey Brother!

Then the rest of the morning following the llamas.

Stop 5: Cactus Island

After our morning shoot we rejoined the tour group and head off towards an “island” of cacti in the middle of the flats.

This was an experience I didn’t know I could have, but now I want to have it.
We always break for the pups.

Stop 6: Reflective Flats

Our final stop for the tour was to a portion of the flats that still had some enough water to make a nice mirror surface.

The surface of the salt was not at all what I expected. More like jagged glass than sand.

All in all the the salt flats were incredible! But next time I’m definitely doing it on a motorcycle.

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