Fabiana + Patrick (a.k.a. Fatrick)

I love photographing people at parties. Just throwing up my camera and capturing faces in these expressions of pure ecstasy. My camera has become like a third hand for me, people are confused when I show up places without it.

Which is I was really torn when my close friend announced her wedding: SHOULD I BRING MY CAMERA OR NOT?! Initially I decided to take a leap of faith and let the wedding photographers handle it. I’ll just have to dance without my camera: leaving the camera at home

Then my friend announced she was having her reception at an ancient Spanish Monastery. And well fuck if I’m going to a picturesque location with JUST my cell phone camera: absolutely bringing my camera.

It turns out open bar parties with your friends makes for ridiculous photos. I’m definitely glad I decided to pack the camera. We had too much fun celebrating Fatrick!

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