Sunrise Squad: Jai Bhakti 2

Back at it again. When I learned the city was to be blanketed under a cloud of Saharan dust, that promised amazing sunrises and sunsets, I knew I wanted to photograph it. So I reached out to Christina Andrini, local yogi and founder of the Jai Bhakti Yoga Foundation for an early morning shoot. I think we missed out on the hazy sunrise but still love how the cloudy sunrise created such a MOOD.

If you are looking to get into yoga, I definitely recommend her organization. The sunset classes at the City Park Peristyle are absolutely amazing.

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Sunrise Squad: Jai Bhakti Yoga

It is not easy for me to wake up before 8 AM, but IF it is in pursuit of sunrise pictures then I can SOMEHOW manage.

Which is how I found myself freezing to death at 5:45 AM on the Mississippi riverfront to shoot local New Orleans yogi Christina Andrini, founder of the Jai Bhakti Yoga Foundation, who aims to make yoga more accessible for EVERYONE in New Orleans.

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